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Early in 2013 I was sent to Qatar on a business trip. In-between working I was able to shoot a short series of photographs.

Everyone knew I was here on business , as soon as I stepped into the sticky Qatari night I must’ve looked like a fish out of water. The combined pinks, greens and blues of my shirt with my cut-off jeans and camera screamed foreigner.

“No one comes to Doha for four days”, they would say, “Everyone goes to Dubai instead”.

The Flight Attendants, Taxi Drivers and Hotel Concierge became my friends. My constant questions on where to go and what to see kept them busy, and they’re response was always warm. 

Beyond these brief encounters I was enveloped in solitude, which I embraced wholeheartedly. When no-body knows your name you’re completely free. During the day I would eat honeyed cakes with creamy Chai Karak; swim with afternoon delight and sip mint tea into the spotless blue evenings until the muezzins prayer split the night. My pockets filled with till receipts, dinner cheques and foreign currency. The May heat beat on my bones. My mind, sick with change. The un-familiar streets became my sweet remedy.

© Louis Little 2017